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eBay Seller Quick Tip: 

Buy Cordless Scissors


  • If you have ever needed to put a piece of cardboard in an envelope to keep a photo from bending.
  • Or if you need to cut down a cardboard box.
  • If you have any need to cut cardboard, then this tool is a MUST HAVE for any eBay seller.

Cut the cardboard to just the size you need. 

No more pain from regular scissors!

I recommend buying the Pink Power Cordless Scissors.

Here is a link to purchase on Amazon.

A to Z Pirate Booty eBay Seller Quick Tip: Buy Cordless Scissors

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  • I can not live without these.
  • My only question is why I waited so long to get them.
  • They hold a long charge. I put the battery on the charger every two weeks!
  • I love the pink color!
  • Comes with a couple of different tips for cutting different materials. 


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