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Anne has been interviewed by some of the best eBay niche podcasts and YouTube video shows around.

  • So You Wanna Sell on eBay podcast: Anne was a guest on the podcast called “So You Wanna Sell on eBay” hosted by Ron and Ali. In the interview, Anne shares her tips and advice on how to be a successful eBay seller.
  • Thrift Hunters with Jason Smith YouTube channel: Anne was interviewed by Jason Smith in March 2019. In the interview, Anne talks about her experience as an eBay reseller and shares her tips on how to find the best thrift store items to sell on eBay.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Anne’s interviews:

  • Choose a niche: When you first start selling on eBay, it’s important to choose a niche. This will help you to focus your efforts and become an expert in your chosen field.
  • Do your research: Once you’ve chosen a niche, it’s important to do your research. This means learning about the different types of items that sell well in your niche, as well as the current market trends.
  • Take good photos: When you’re listing items on eBay, it’s important to take good photos. This will help buyers to see what they’re getting and to make informed decisions about whether or not to bid.
  • Write clear and concise descriptions: It’s also important to write clear and concise descriptions of your listings. Be sure to include all of the relevant information, such as the condition of the item, the size, and any other important details.
  • Provide excellent customer service: It’s important to provide excellent customer service to your buyers. This means responding to their messages promptly and shipping their items out quickly.


So You Wanna Sell on eBay

Anne Z was thrilled to be a guest on the podcast called “So You Wanna Sell on eBay” hosted by Ron and Ali back on 9/13/2016.

The audio files are no longer available, but here is a synopsis of what Anne chatted with Ron and Ali about!

So You Wanna Sell On eBay
Ali Young & Ron LaBeau


Today’s most successful eBay sellers and business entrepreneurs share their knowledge with you. Whether you are considering starting an eBay business or just want to know how to improve your existing eBay business. ” So You Wanna Sell On eBay” delivers the questions that are on the minds of every eBay seller out there. Who better to motivate you and give you great business advise than those making it happen in their world. We also interview internationally known entrepreneurs that will inspire you and get your feet moving toward a better business. We are passionate about helping others. “So You Wanna Sell On eBay” is your eBay podcast.


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Anne Zarraonandia is a long time eBayer beginning in July 1998. She sells just about anything you can put into a box and loves “moving stuff around the universe” and getting cash for it! A former teaching tennis pro she still sells tons of used, dead tennis balls to dog owners around the country!
Interesting Notes Anne started selling long before eBay has started. She started with mail order catalog called I Love Barbra Catalog. It is a treasure of Barbra Streisand’s memorabilia — records, posters, and books. She sold it to people and fans all over the world. Back then, they used a snail mail form to send the items. Later, she sold memorabilia of Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and anybody moviestar-wise. Aside from memorabilia, she also sells games, books and baseball stuff. Recently she sold a Mohammad Ali autograph to a collector. Anne describes eBay as a collectible marketplace. Everybody collects something. If they want to get rid of their stuff, those that sell collectible things got something to sell. Her interest in selling things and her want to get rid of her tennis balls led her to sell on eBay. Now, Anne sells tennis ball boxes of 25, 50, and a 100. Every day she puts balls in the box and sends them anywhere around the country. Her secret sources are her sister who is teaching tennis pro, and her friends who are working in clubs. Tennis balls go dead rapidly giving her an endless supply. In fact, in the US open tournament, they change the balls every nine games. Anne also sells for other people. As a consignment seller, she gets a variety of things that she does not know about. She gets to learn those as she lists. That is where she gets the idea on what to price the item for. The first thing listed on her store is a Thomas Hart Benton 1944 signed Lithograph priced at $40,000. Some of her friends had it in their cabin. She thought that it was something that she saw in an antique road show. She did a research and there were only 250 of them and it went for a bundle. She looked it up and realized it is valuable. So Anne priced it higher. She is just sitting on that one, waiting for the right buyer. Anne has 15 active clients (on consignment) who just drop off their items to her. She has a couple of teenagers who help her list. They are freshman high school students who want to earn some money. They are not afraid of technology and so they work faster and more efficient. She moved her eBay biz from her home into sharing an office space with an Architect. She uses the backspace of the office while the architect uses the front. Her office has a shipping area, a photography area with a background, and then a lot of shelves. The shelves contain her items. The items are classified per category and labeled by persons as well to keep track of what she have. She uses a code system to easily locate the items sold. She uses a software called SellerVantage. It is a consignment software that gives you a line where you could put the items. That keeps her from searching and losing things. She also uses Auctane, a third party add-on software, to help her determine the shipping cost. It gives her an amount by putting the weight of the box and choosing the service she is going to use (priority, first class, etc…). She also calculates for across the country by putting the zip codes. She does this when she lists so she will know in advance the farthest it could be and its cost. Then she builds the cost of her free shipping. Anne observes that when you do free shipping, buyers would not even question what it cost you to ship. Doing so, she takes off the stress out of her calculation. It also takes the stress out of buyers if they would like what they paid for in shipping. The best part of doing eBay is that Anne gets to make her own schedule. If she wants to take an afternoon nap or go out to lunch with friends, or play tennis!




Thrift Hunters with Jason Smith on YouTube

“Barbra Streisand, Professional Tennis & Ebay Go Together Like PB&J Thrifty Business 7.3”

Anne was interviewed by Jason Smith in March 2019.



Channel: Jason T Smith

For episode 3 of season 7 we will be chatting with Anne Zarraonandia. Anne hopped on the Ebay train back in 1998 because she likes to get into things that are new and happening. Twenty one years later and she still enjoys selling on Ebay. Prior to her Ebay career she was a nationally ranked professional tennis player and had a mailorder Barbra Streisand catalog business ?! So we will talk fuzzy balls, Babs and ecommerce. Jason and Debbie will have their scores, duds, hints, hacks, help and tiki mugs.


Key Moments

0:59 Jay’s Tiki Talk
17:33 Close Encounters
21:43 Shipping Tip
34:14 Anne Z Interview
25:46 eBay Tip



Transcript of Whole Show

hey everybody welcome to Thursday night you know that means this time I realized
I had the wrong picture I’m Craig was getting a little bonus long hair my picture what’s going everybody on the
Vegas jam your one host and with me is my producer and often co-host today hi
everybody thanks for tuning in what’s going on just watching the Thunderbirds fly over our house getting ready for our
Air Force show this weekend cool as hell all right let’s get right to our first segment where to introduce our guest
typer Jay’s tiki-taka each week I drink a different mug different I drop out of
a different mug if I try it match up to our gas and our guest tonight is an I don’t all right let me see if I can do
it here zerrin on dial pretty close all
right I think you’re our first guest with the last name that gives with a Z so I thought it was a cheap easy way for
me to drink one of my favorite rooms is AIA so I fear the disease should go together
and and was a nationally ranked tennis player and back in the days although not
true it was said that tez records were strung with cat gut so I thought oh no
tennis tiki mugs so my wife’s like very nude very good what you got tonight
Devin okay well I have from the Smuggler’s Cove what am i any
reticularis because that’s in the Bay Area and Anne’s in the Bay Area kind of sorta a little bit of
scored a plantation run with some ginger ale nice you have any cocktails tonight
I am no get up a little lemonade a little bit later but I’m gonna water all day cool alright we’ll sit back it relax
enjoy the show and we’ll see in about 25 [Music] and there we I think mm-hmm okay there I
think I think YouTube is being persnickety but we will roll through it
all right what time is it Deb it’s time for the right screen and let’s try that
again hey there we go it’s time for our scores of the week these all those things that
you should be on the lookout for when you’re out thrift in yes yes Rutter
Graham oh I love finding these they’re so easy once you identify them you can just pick them out
we paid $5.99 free shipping and sold it for full price $39.99 we sell every
Robert Graham shirt that we find now what I would recommend in your opening
photo is to have one of those comfortable since that’s the whole point for Graham shirt your photographer I am
and roll one back because that’s the whole point I mean I see you did it here the close-up but definitely you know we
all know our Cochran never get past picture one that’s true good good tip oh
never you sold books we are selling a lot of books lately I love these uncle
Arthur Bible story books I know a lot of times I collect them I’ll find a couple
here a couple there and I just keep buying them until I have a full set so we paid a $5 for the set and sold it for
the full price 99.99 plus should be awesome yeah they’re great books and a
Western Wailing Wall finished stitch temple okay we accept the best offer of $30 on this and then they paid the
shipping but you will never guess where this came from did I say paid $5.00 for it no you
didn’t okay remember when you had your to your booth you antique booth what was
that called Denson Sin City antique booth you’re okay one time in the back
in that little Billy in the back that had like a garage sale I bought this in there that long ago and it finally sold
so it is an official profit pile alumni I like that profit pile alumni I love
that picture and here’s another profit pile alumni I can’t believe that I actually paid $9.99
for this a long time ago sold for $24.99 and we paid the shipping obviously so he was around a long time
and grumpy is finally gone grumpy is out of here and it’s a small small
medium-sized so that could be why it took so long all right so you all been learning about CDs for me and now it’s
time to start learning cassettes and I will be having a cassette webinar coming up in the near near future because there
is a whole different mindset ticka sets but part of that is when things aren’t worth it by themselves you put them
groups but make sure they’re like groups so here’s nine nineties alternative cassettes and they sold for 40 bucks
nice and they were listed less than a week too so they went nice and quick I have shared one of these before
I’ve alternative sourcing places I found these at Ross Dress for Less and these
are Levi’s silver tab striped overalls and as you can see it was sold in Euros
that means it’s sold on the European eBay website which I list directly on and will paint I think like 17 for these
and I sold it for 82 to 83 dollars plus shipping nice I always look for any kind
of overalls never never any of them and last week I think I shared my Robert Plant concert programs I sold together
oddly enough one week later I sold my two coop programs together and I picked
them up in the same store at the same time paid 6 bucks for the pair sold the pair for 28 plus shipping that nice one
of my favorite bands alright so anybody in the chat been to
Mama’s fish house and if you don’t know Mama’s fish house it is in Maui it is
probably the most expensive on all of Maui they make a pretty decent
cocktail and they they have fantastic dinners fantastic seafood so this is the
entrance to Mama’s this is Mama’s itself and why I know my mom my mom’s like I’ve
been there I know you’ve been there ma you slides my mother and then this is the view from the restaurant so you are
definitely paying for the view I mean you did do not get more idyllic than
that is just gorgeous Brenda’s been there okay so the reason I showed you all those
pictures were because I saw the Tiki mug that usually I would tell you never to buy to sell because they’re so common I
got to imagine there’s 2.5 7 million in existence so it is the glass Tiki mug
with a smiley face on the front and the front face Mac but these are specifically labeled Mama’s fish house
Maui and I and I picked him up for a buck apiece and I sold a pair for $26 and the unique thing was the buyer was
in town and needed air up here like vacationing and they need it for a present for their friend who lived here
so they swung by and picked it up like an hour after they I sold them wow that is awesome no all kinds little tips here I never
would normally whisk these just they were just clear ones but the ones that come from the Polynesian Resort Disneyworld that would list those ones
for mamas fish house I would list and if you can find them in the original box from the 70s the box itself is pretty
cool so that that’s my little tips tiki mugs now do you have those in your
personal collection any of those yeah well I don’t have the Mamas fish house ones but I have them clear I’ve got them
yellow I’ve got them green I’ve got some black so I do I mean we are always taking people have them they’re just not
worth a ton hello you know because they’ve been made for like 50 years and they’re still being
made today so they’re not hard to come by that’s why so are you saying they’re a Sarah yeah kinda but they are they are
a good hefty mug if you’re gonna make some drinks and give me your drunk friends and they happen to drop those they’re a good hefty mug that probably
won’t break so good to know I wouldn’t say Sarah those I would just say use them for your your your klutzy friends
okay good to know all right now it’s time for
my CD scores of the week each week I show you the cool CDs I’ve sold for
crazy amounts of money this week it is the Star Wars trilogy
a new hope soundtrack so that is technically the first movie that came out in 77 this was sealed new at a
record store for either $8.99 or $9.99 I sold it on Amazon for $60 so I can’t
source at record stores oh yes you can and then my other one was Donovan
sunshine Superman mello Yello oh yeah
alright someone the channel tell me but here’s the Donovan CD and the day I bought this at a record store
it was $8.99 and I my wife was also picking at the record store with me I said don’t skip Donovan because I’m cool
Donovan stuff and this was the first one I found $8.99 sold for $72 while so you
sold Star Wars which is opening in Disneyland pretty soon and which is in Anaheim and he recorded this for an
amen’ in Anaheim pretty cool
thank you alright so you don’t know anything about
flipping CDs I will teach you I did a webinar about four months ago if you go
to flipping CDs calm you can download it it’s a two and a half hour webinar chock
full of everything show you how to conquer the thrift store CDs and the
record store CDs every week I’m selling $50 $60 $70 hundred dollar CDs that I’m
paying 10 or less from for the most part so you too can do it if you saw my thrift haul last week another thing that
goes along with it is music books and I got a crazy haul so we haven’t seen the thrift haul yet go back and watch it but
every week I give away you didn’t ask me that question this time I know I forgot
after we get the answer in the chat then just let me know if you knew okay each
week I’m going to I ask a music troop side trivia question the first person in the chat who has was correctly can get
the download for free now if you’ve already seen it or if you are a seeker Beachcomber in my group
secret beach please don’t participate I know it’s fun to answer questions but you already have seen it or you can see it so please
don’t you know don’t root for someone who hasn’t had a chance to see it or maybe can’t afford it right this moment
but I tell you what you’re gonna learn so much you’ll get your money back in one sail that’s right
alright oh look at that Stacey in the chat not my wife but Stacey Wisner spelled correctly SDA see I said best
money I ever spent the senior webinar awesome oh yeah one CD can pay for the whole thing yep alright so here’s the
question are you ready this album was on the top 200 charts for 917 weeks but
only made it to number one once and that is 18 years if you want to do the math
no clue no clue let me down I mean I I
could make up albums that I can’t even remember the titles two albums I know
the bands boom lozano blue knew it was on a blue helped me out with my mistake
boom yep Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd for 18 straight years but only
made to number one I saw them in concert in Seattle when I was like 17 so alright
Misano blue just hit me up on facebook after the show and I will take care of getting you that free download for the
rest of you if you a meta graphic for
STD’s com you you will not be sorry you’ll make sponge extra money real
quick Felix the junkyard cat had a question can we list specifically on your PDA yes you can we will talk more
about that in the future and Scott Walker of the Walker brothers passed away should we try to source it yeah but
you know that’s not just not allow people to be looking so you didn’t have it right away you probably are not gonna
have time to go source it and then flip it but when someone like Michael Jackson or Scott Wow and from some type of
pilots or Prince dies you have a little bit time to actually find some stuff and then flip it but but a very small herb
and a very small artists that window is too short and i wanted to say too about your class there
are cds everywhere garage sales library book sales thrift store so you if you don’t have any record stores around you
because you show a lot of big scores you find at record stores but if you don’t have one by you there’s still a chance
you can find cds everywhere hold the presses Misano blue is not on facebook what
alright Misano blue tiki pug at gmail send me an email and i will still take
you every no problem but everyone who took the course there is a special group just for you so if you want to get on
facebook there is a group b and besides that my thirty boards on facebook for free yeah you pug at gmail.com just send
me an email and i’ll be more than happy to take carrier but not everything’s winners is it them no you know i didn’t
have a lot of sales last week but i didn’t tell anything bad so like you Deb I had a profile some should have had for
sale for far too long I was gonna say you have that to Miss Piggy let’s see
what did we pay for her three dollars she’s been sitting around for two and a half years I thought for sure she would
go but maybe is there may be a new Muppets will be coming out soon or something and I won’t lower the price because I’m sure maybe it’s the price
but come on twenty one dollars 22 with us bless her
heart and then I thought this would sell really quick – I’ve had it two and a
half years also and paid five dollars for it it’s a pink Indian nativity set
there are a few little chips on it and I always make sure that the baby Jesus is there and all the parts of this so it’s
still lingering at $29.99 it’s gone through I think two Christmases almost three now I’m gonna say but with you
because the ones I’m sharing are things I’ve had forever that I thought would be gone by now look at this cool trashcan made my
Tupperware for Disney and I’ve had it on say I’ve had enough for like two years Wow maybe someone invited
I don’t have make offer uh but you know what we get a lot of people that will
message us even if we don’t have better no they won’t tell you where maybe if it doesn’t sell the next week or two I have
this new office I need trash cans maybe shoot I’ll just use it yeah that’s cute so that’s the one thing I’m shocked is
still there and this I bought is kind of a joke it’s kind I called it low-rent
Bambi and thumper it’s kind of toned drugged-out yeah I mean look at thumper
no I thought it’d be funny if I could try and sell it as not the legit thing
but apparently that hasn’t worked because it’s been up for almost two years well we rearrange your keywords maybe
put Bambi at the front and yeah he’s kind of funny ha ha
there is no trash can in this title thanks Laurie you know it’s funny I’m doing an inventory right now and I’m
catching some mistakes that old assistants made that I hadn’t seen before so there’s another one yeah trash
cans not in there I didn’t catch that one this time thank you thank you Jeff good job all right now
it’s time for where’s the world that our
stuff go each week I for sure sometimes nobody does know sells items in
internationally you already saw my overall sell to Europe if you are not listing internationally you’re leaving
out 7.3 billion with a B potential customers that’s and this week it’s
shipper staad Germany which is just outside of Luxembourg and they really
needed a trader vic’s Tiki roll good for them this is a wind box up this was four
pounds and it could have been a shipping tip it was four pounds two ounces we a little left board so with some creative
trimming it was four pounds how about so you can ship it first class instead of
priority class that’s right save save a little bit of money all right
[Applause] those encounters to the thrifty kind gun kind just a little fun interactions I
have sometimes it thrift stores sometimes connected to stuff that’s thrifted as you want to point out that k
in the chat so some of the guitar this week i don’t think i’ve ever sold the guitar so alright so I sold a Hawaiian
shirt on eBay and I got a message from the customer and you we all know this
when you get a message from an item that’s already gone and delivered you’re like oh no oh yes especially at midnight
oh thank you for selling on eBay he rocked this Aloha shirt and then they
sent me a picture of the happy couple in Hawaii love it so how cool is that that
a customer took time to say thanks for selling me this $80.00 Hawaiian shirt
that is awesome that’s why we do this and and they look good her dress is
great too so so yeah so that that really tickled me and you know you have those days where some customer drives you nuts
and then you get this message and then it all just kind of evens out but I have one problem with this fixture where’s
their tiki drinks I know we got the picture first before they got the tree
all right now it’s time for of the week
little tips and tricks to help you out when you’re outsourcing this was from my
husband who is in the chat bills copying and pasting the questions over to us so it’s his idea when you go traveling
because you know we go to Vegas Southern California check the Facebook marketplace in those areas and you to
the right there you could say you can actually change the location so if I say I was going to Bakersfield I can bring up Bakersfield marketplace and see if
there’s anything there that I’m interested in buying to resale check craigslist offer up all of the different
selling platforms check for the city that you’re going to be in or even if you’re going through a major city love
traveling of sourcing stuff is everywhere all right so we have had many
many tips of shop in the office section at your thrift mainly for because you can find paper
you can find labels you can find hole three hole punchers you can find great staplers things you actually need in
your office so you know not everything we find is to flip some sides and stuff we need however today man there is an
overabundance of fearing binders at savers today but if you notice there’s a
Lisa Frank binder sitting there I said you don’t ELISA Frank this stuff is sought-after this logo is the late 90s
early 2000s logo and so this is the sticker book there’s the inside and I
had grabbed it obviously walked away and then I thought oh I didn’t look at the shelf that’s my eye level which is weird
because I usually look at my eye level and sit in the coloring books there’s a Lisa Frank coloring book – oh make sure
to look through the Office of Y section anything sometimes there’s some fun of
the office supply section and Lisa Frank are so easy to spot said can’t see the
logo sorry Angela so there’s the older logo this is the more this is a more
modern logo where is it there we go okay as my admins nicely reminded me we have
a file in the 30 board if you’ve never looked in the files there are so much good content in there but in the files
there are all the ways of Frank logos and when they’re from the older the logo the more sought-after the item is so
make sure to keep that in mind alright now it’s time for you have got
to be shipping me with tips and tricks
what to do and what not to do when it comes to shipping I was watching a
Poshmark video the other day and she mentioned this box this one 0 9 6 l it comes flat you know all these boxes are
free the UPS a post office will deliver them to us and I actually got my order look so it’s this kind of cute little
box that’s the dimensions are there and this is the VHS DVD size so you can kind
of see it’s little bit bigger and I guess a lot of people because I listed some items on
Poshmark again the other day these are good for like dresses and shirts and close because Poshmark can they give you
a set price so you probably wouldn’t find a whole lot of uses for this box but it’s free so why not have some in
your inventory and I found out when I went out to our garage I already had that box in my inventory I didn’t know so check your boxes want some well see
what you really have out there so funny because my tip it’s kind of your tip and
kind of just what you said so I have moved offices in the process I used to have some shipping at the old office you
have some cities and flies over here and over there and over there well my new assistant kind of sorted them out yeah I
got a lot of too many things here so what pay attention do you see here
I’m a week let me zoom in on it you see this bottom left corner Deb uh-huh yep that’s all that’s all regional bee boxes
which you pretty much don’t even use anymore right yeah don’t need any of those I had a few too
many oh look at all the look all the bubble mailers I got well we have a view
so yeah pay attention you’re super shipping supplies they are free but there is no need to hold this much when
you can order them for free yeah oh yeah except at Christmas time yeah they’re really fast right now you have other
sellers in town eBay opens coming pretty soon you might just wanna cook some people up with some bees oh you know
another tip you know you can take those to your post office and they will gladly accept them so yeah I think I’m gonna
return the regional bees the post office because I don’t think the way now with
online discounts and stuff I don’t think we’ll ever need regional beasts I haven’t used one in so long it was net
has never been cheaper especially after the rate increase there’s no need to be taking up space with them just like the Seas I was in line at my post office and
a lady was asking for the season I almost said follow me to my house and I can give you as many as you want because
she really still used him at that time all right Deb are you shocked by this segment today I am
[Music] guess what like that too yes my first
item while I was standing in savers today I was reading my emails and you don’t get a fun little teaching like you do on Amazon and eBay I said a look at
an email said congrats your first sale and I’m like yay and then I have the second thought I had something listed on
Etsy and then your third third thought get that off eBay so don’t realize I
start seeing friends selling vintage Tiki stuff on Etsy and although I want to get on there and get some more get
some close up it’s for other stuff too and boom I sold this little tiki ball for 20 bucks congratulations you know
what’s cool about that card look at the little robot doesn’t he look like your necklace yeah sure he sure does Oh
Angela when she said there isn’t lurtz on you do have to turn it on but it’s a very quiet chit Ching alright well
here’s the thing I just realized I have the NC app on my phone oh yay so I won
you can because hey I wasn’t I wasn’t me get that sale on eBay because no one cares about that ball but something about it so did it sell for more or less
than you would have thought of you know compared to a couple bucks more than it would have on eBay
[Music] time for our ebay tips of the week
little tips and tricks to help you when you’re selling on eBay okay we were just
in Vegas for a week ASD show and hanging out and I they decided instead of
putting my store on vacation our store on vacation ie did a 10-day handling and I figured
out all the days and everything and I’m gonna keep asking eBay for something between 10 and 5 it would be nice to have seven days or eight days so I had
to start with 10 day and then each day I count it backwards so I put the steps in
here if you’ve never done that you go to your I’m active you go to edit then you pick like your first one to 500 and then
that box comes up you click again and then you’ll get into handling and then you can pick whatever handling time you
want so it’s it’s a slight inconvenience when you’re on vacation but we sold four
hundred and ninety seven dollars worth of items while we were lounging by the pool and hanging out at a SD had I put
it on vacation I wouldn’t have had those sales and then what I do is I message them I thank you so much for your sale
it will ship Saturday you know the date so we came home on Friday and on Saturday we have all that ship inning it
was 12 packages got into our post office by 2 o’clock and got him out and everybody responded and said thank you
so much so no one seemed to be you know mad at us because it was taken a while but I had it in my handling time so
don’t put your store on vacation if you you know depending on your circumstances make some money while you’re gone and I
see coming around the chat he said we didn’t five-day a hailing time while at Asda and we partied with Kevin yeh we
should I can’t wait to see Kevin on the cruise alright now I don’t normally throw just
random sellers under the bus but there’s a real you know this is the best way to demonstrate my eBay tip is make sure
your lighting is accurate so the colors of your items are accurate and bonus tip
don’t do an auction for an item that is nothing that people fight over it so this still are sold them on for 12
blocks now I’m gonna show you how the color really should be ready Deb yep cuz I just hold mine oh this actual color of
this mug oh my oh my right yeah it’s kind of RAD versus others mug
this is the actual car this mug and so this seller had some bad lighting and
where that will come into play is your customer thinks they’re getting a thing that looks this color a whole different
color and maybe they don’t like bright green blue or teal or the hell you would call this to be specific and also I had
it as a buy it now and is waited till I got a decent offer and because it wasn’t like a rare mug or anything but throwing
a throwing a non rare mug at auction just kind of a waste your time that is a cool mug yeah it’s cool mug but yeah
make sure your your lighting and your coloring is on point all right we didn’t
even do a we do a viewer tip or anything
yeah we took a break this way all right I guess I have some good ones coming up
though all right cool all right Portland next week I’ll be there teaching the class now does April fifth of six do do
a little scheduling issue gonna have to remove the fifth class but we are doing the sixth class so April sixth in the
thrift store class I’m gonna take you around section by section where I spend four or four and a half hours in the
thrift store teaching you everything you should buy and everything you should skip and we will spend a good time in
the media section so even though even if you have taken my CD webinar right in
front of you first-hand experience showing you how to use your phone to purchase the correct CDs cassettes video
tapes records all the good stuff there same I love Portland I tend to end up there
at least once a year so I end up there twice last year I mean if there twice again this year so there’s a link down
below so head over to that link and in two weeks
April 11th our boy Craig Dawson from our friendly neighborhood friendly
neighborhood North Canada is going to be on Craig runs craft the canady best the
only Canadian eBay group you should be in if you’re Canadian but he has
discovered a new way to sell items at auction beyond eBay and is called mags soul and
so we’re gonna be talking about max sold and Craig’s been Craig’s been killing it on max old so it
should be a great episode in two weeks because it’ll be a whole new platform
for you to get involved and so on and that’s the name of the game like I got excited for sell my first thing I Nancy
and now I’m excited to get more things on se because I sold something yeah yeah okay so always find new platforms that’s
gonna be a great class and before we get to an coming up you may open week
announced it get your tickets the prices go up what date April what 11th April so
the tickets go up in price in two weeks three weeks two weeks whatever three weeks if you’re coming get your ticket
now don’t spend extra money but if you’re coming and want to make your travel plans here is the 2019 event
scheduled every every year we have the same set of events so we start with those are you coming in super early on
Sunday night we have an ask juice party at the double down saloon assjuice is way more tasty than it sounds we don’t
give me an A B my mother is in the chat she will tell you it’s yummy too and it
can always be different so that’s what’s no mystery about it and Monday for those
of you the secret beach we have our big secret in each match oh not joining the secret beach and you want to and you
want to come to eBay hoping to go the bash take whatever we have a whole roasted pig luau
we do have vegetarian options we have a band play for us cocktails it’s dirty it’s a blast so that’s Monday
Tuesday for anyone who wants to come we have a big old tiki party at Frankie’s Tiki Room where your best Hawaiian shirt
or a muumuu let’s see and to my guy friends we were and then Thursday night
eBay has their big party so Friday I have my thrift class on steroids and what that means is just like in the other classes I teach but this time
besides me I have nine instructors we do a couple hours of classroom time we do
some by the pounds by the the bins time and then the thrift and then in the
thrift store with all ten instructors so I’ll be in the media section I’ll be in the men’s t-shirts Deb you’ll be in the
books I think Joy’s gonna come up and be in the Jean section tons of instructors to
help you out all the signups for are things like that will be up soon because people already booked their flights
they’re efficient so I will get the signups very soon and great question in
the chat even though is everybody answered I’ll answer it online or I mean on the show max’ll is not just for
Canadians so don’t not tune in next week or in two weeks because you’re not in Canada that was my first question too
just for Canada I think it’s heard started but it’s already expanding it’s gonna keep expanding so this is the time
to be in and understand an aprotic tat the ground level so to speak and Craig
and Rick about killing it so we want to be you want to learn from the experts praise a lot of fun I wanted to say to
the earlybird the next price on that opens gonna be like five hundred dollars one hundred ninety-nine and if you can’t
afford or it sells out and you can’t go to open still come that we can hang out absolutely all right let’s get our
guests in here and we’ll find out all about Babs – I can’t wait yeah I was a
huge Babs fan until I discovered hard rock alright so yeah
YouTube was being wonky and it won’t let me turn and like it never looked like
she was off but as you can see and out there so and we do me a favor I’m assuming you hear me leave and come
back just get out and then come right back Thank You Ann yeah every once
awhile you know hey technology it was like yeah and I was thinking – you’re in a whole new house and there could be
Kremlin’s in your office and you know all those kinds of things yeah definitely so let me ring the doorbell
hey everybody is that how are you thanks
for coming on I am dandy and I love that shirt you’re wearing by the way yeah that’s authentic
from Hawaii nice I love it alright oh let’s talk
let’s talk pre eBay which is like you know forever ago you were there in the
beginning but we’re gonna start before that because you had your own mail-order business which when I was reading this
house like but you saw it as you can all
see behind her Barbra Streisand’s stuff and I was just thinking especially like in whatever 25 years ago I can find
enough to have a whole mail-order business that’s what it was blowing my mind and I can’t wait to hear well when
when I was much younger I used to go out and look for Barbra Streisand records
again at the thrift stores or wherever record stores and I’d buy something a magazine Rona Barrett magazine or on the
cover of you know all the life magazines that she was on and I would buy one and bring it home and say I already have
this so I had a whole stack of all the extra stuff that I had so year after
year and sometimes I’d buy a whole giant box of stuff and this is like in the back of goldmine magazines I would do
all the magazines that you could buy from the classified ads I’d put my own classified ads in and I had the
classified ad in the barber magazine which was just a fan magazine from the 80s but that was the only thing that we
had as fans so I had some things in the back and people would write me and I
became pen pals and I had letters and letters from fellow Barbra Streisand fans from around the world and I
realized because I had so much extra stuff that I would make my own catalog and so I would do it by typing on an old
computer I mean very very basic computer and xeroxing actually every one of those
hole punches that you do in the middle and you fold it over and I bought ad space on the catalog of catalogs I was
always trying things like that and so for $1 people would buy my catalog and then I would get 300 500 mailing labels
of Barbra Streisand fans that wanted the catalog so once I’d ship that out to them I start getting orders
people send me checks and money orders and pre eBay not one person ever flaked
I never had a bad Chuck Wow I would say up to $25 worth of stuff I’ll send your
stuff for $4 my prices were very very low in the shipping and I went every day to the post office with all the posters
and magazines and records and books and I really was at that point the only game in town for all the barbra streisand
fans so we had when she went on concert tour in the early 90s we had a reunion of all the fans and I had my catalog and
somehow the catalog got to Barbara herself and so Barbara looked at it and
said said this is from my friend who took it to her and said this is very cute however the prices are too low and
the fans went crazy and you’ve raised your prices I said Barbara said that was
my beginning this is begin pre eBay so I had the corner um of the market I was
the only person really doing this on the level that’s I did and I just loved it
because every day I’d go to my post office box and there would be a check or a money order and order and people
needed it because they couldn’t get it locally so I would especially you know some specialize in all the the local
magazines and everything I would buy in multiples when it came new on the market and I would sit on it so I learned
exactly what people could get and what they couldn’t get because copy number one went to me and the rest of whom
became part of my inventory in stock I just love to go into the post office
everyday not only getting money but then delivering me you know mailing packages perfect for me except the glut happened
everybody else could sell their Barbara’s stuff too and I wasn’t the only guy oh yeah that’s okay those rare
things were so rare after not not pre that though were you a hustler like that
where you would look at things and think I got an angle here was that always kind of you it’s always I knew pop culture I
knew what people liked I knew who was hot I knew the celebrity that just died I had an interest in all sorts of movies
and music and so I knew a little bit about everything and movie poster since I was always looking
in the back of goldmine magazine anyway I could see what people were selling so I would go to a movie and they would
give you a press book or something they’d give you a screening program I would look around on the empty seats and
grab the extras because then I know that I I put ads and goldmine magazine two of also and I went to movie memorabilia
shows and so before eBay existed I did the actual shows where you’d pay $25 and
have all your stuff Wow and I’d get autographs of all the celebrities that I had if I’d go to the 18t golf tournament
and I had a I had a 45 with Don Johnson and Barbara on the cover they did one song together and I put it out in front
of him he goes oh no and then quickly I put another one of a record that he actually made and he signed it so I have
multiple things whoever I would see as far as my star hunting and then I did
celebrity photography on top of it so everywhere that I had stuff I was always thinking who can I get to sign this so
then it had become more valuable so yes I always had an eye for that and that’s again eBay sort of fit that bill as well
because I knew what was at least hot at the time and then it gets old and then
it becomes more valuable for some people – that’s right yeah I still do that I saw the hateful eight that an advanced
Freudian which is a quitting Tarantino movie and they gave you a poster and it was it was random but there was like I
think eight of the different characters so the obviously they fight and so I went to the potty and sitting on top of
the trash can was one just sitting there so I just like yeah people always leave
stuff behind that others will pay money for us yeah yeah yeah all right so the
reason I drag out the cat mug tonight and the reason that my live audience is
wearing this t-shirt nice is because you
are a nationally ranked double tennis player I think you’re our first official
true athlete well I can tell you among the Barbour fans I’m probably the only
tennis player as well and I did one time get to plan her tennis court she wasn’t there then she
had a house in Malibu that she gave to the state of California she doesn’t live there now and since then I think it had
some difficulties in the latest Malibu fire I knew that nobody really played
tennis in the barber world and so even in the eBay world I haven’t run across too many occasionally I do because I
still have old wooden tennis racquets one of my prime selling items is dead
tennis balls and that’s the ball it won’t bounce anymore like when you open it out of the can so I saw those two pet owners every
single day I think last year I sold between six and nine thousand tennis balls I can put in a large flat rate box
that cost one thing I can put them in you know medium flat rate box I know exactly how many fits and I know that if
they go to California or close to where I am it’s gonna cost X so that’s just sort of one of those staple items and
I’m no longer playing that frequently but I do still have connections in the
tennis world and I’ll never run out of tennis ball on craig’s I have it everywhere you go so I mean it at
various eBay groups I’ve noticed the tennis ball lady as well but yeah that love of something your passion that you
really already have a background in you can’t overlook selling things that you know about because then people will ask
you all sorts of questions so I have you know galore tennis magazines and like I said wooden tennis racquets and anything
having to do with tennis I also use that as a another little niche besides the barber niche the tennis niche I love
Disney that could be my own another niche I mean it goes it goes on and on and on and I just feel sorry for the people that don’t have the passions yeah
then they don’t have anything what do I sell I said you’ve got to be kidding how can you not decide you end up playing
tennis at at her place we had one girl I just got to get close to Babs well I
know of course I had two rackets so there’s somebody that I could teach right then so you know as a teacher as well so I could teach them but we had
this thing called a barber reunion after the catalog we had a meeting of all the people that had gone to their concert
and we got in to we rented the space and she had at that time eight different
houses and it was on the cover of Architectural Digest so whenever you could get the issue from 1993
where she’s on the cover we went to that house and we saw where she had done different things in her career of album
cover here or whatever but I knew the tennis court was there so I had my two racquets at two racquets and some tennis
balls and I thought somebody in play so I could say that I played there again the Barbour fans aren’t big tennis
players themselves but one of the highlights for me of course isn’t with her but she wasn’t necessarily an
athlete herself she played a little bit in the way we were and you know so I wish I hadn’t given her lessons let’s
just put so uh did you play a whole game a whole set or just a couple of always back and forth I just tried to get new
people at because they’re missing him so I had go pick up the ball and hopped into another person I actually then
actually hit one ball on the net ran over and returned my own shots so I mean that was something that I had to do also
Stacey and I were at Paisley Park which is where Prince lived and worked and we
took the one VIP tour and the one VIP tour allows you to go into his main studio and record yourself singing over
one of those tracks and so in the meantime while we’re taking turns going into the booth with a producer to record
we’re in the main area where he worked on the piano right before he passed and
his ping-pong table is there and they said while you’re here feel free to play ping-pong and Stacy and I were the only
two who wanted to play I’m like you’re on the print store you can play on his table with his paddles with the balls
with his symbol on it and we played we went in and we said anyone else want to
play and no it is we kept playing we went in and sang and came back and still it was empty so we’re like let’s go
play again you’re here so what was your
rank what was the best rank you had you were ranked in doubles correct I did play singles but I was a much better
doubles player my doubles partner was my sister Carrie my younger sister Carrie so I was always the captain we played
through junior tennis and we got beaten by some of the best I can say that my my
actual pro tennis career at lasted about three weeks travel I knew the travel and the expense in
those days that cost about 25 grand to go play on the tour and I’d been beaten by enough people through college and juniors that I knew
that my ranking wasn’t going to be that high there so I went straight to teaching where I was automatically better than everyone so I’m very
competitive person but when you turn 30 and then 35 they have the beginning of
what they call the seniors tour so my sister and I know senior at 30 years old
he traveled around the United States and played on grass tennis courts like clay
courts because in California all we have our hard courts so we played in Key
Biscayne or won our first doubles tournament then we played in Marion Cricket Club on the grass lawn tennis
courts and all whites you had to wear white tennis clothes won the 35 Nationals so two different times we were
ranked number one in the country and it was enough to be able to just take a week off from my vacation of teaching to
go play in a tennis tournament and I couldn’t have done this as a regular lifestyle it’s just really really too
exhausting but my love for tennis is still there because I got to play a lot of great places against a lot of great people yeah hey Deb you know we you know
all these years been doing the show I’ve had a lot of hustlers on the show I think I might be the best month ever her
hat I mean of all the things we worried we even got to eBay yet angles she’s
like look I’m good but I’m not good enough so she’ll teach it I mean I love
I love the angles well and that’s why I love teaching eBay because my family and
friends are just tired of me talking about eBay as you know so you got to find the people that will listen so when
you teach eBay people actually listen and then you can tell all the stories the things you shipped wrong you sent
the wrong thing to somebody and Russia and then they send it but I mean all the stories that we all have and I so enjoy
your show for that reason because it hits home with all the things that we already know about we want to share with
others so great point yeah let’s get into eBay now whether
we’ve been talking Babs and and and and I tried to sell the show at air but I
said fuzzy balls oh wait we got to talk about the champagne Oh
my contact through you know the barber catalogue the man who took the catalog
to Barbara he had a trade for me he couldn’t sell it he I said you know I never did get the barber champagne it was sold one day
only in her concert in Las Vegas at the M Jim Graham grand 93-94 New Year’s Eve
and they didn’t have a liquor license Sony was in charge of selling it so they pulled them so I met this guy who was in
charge of that company and I said I really really have to have a bottle of the barber champagne he said I’ll trade you one People magazine where I need
Barbara on the cover it said great so the champagne was selling for $100 and I did hear from him that barber
bought it wholesale for $18 and champagne doesn’t last that long but it was a decent champagne so if I had it
that was worth at least a hundred I sold it to the Rosie O’Donnell show for $300
because barber was a guest the next day it contacted me I bought my first flatbed scanner so that’s how I scanned
things to then put listings on eBay with the flatbed scanner I was because of the
barber champagne now that was not my only bottle of champagne because I never sell my own copy it was one of those
things that as they’re drinking it and sometimes you can still find it on YouTube and sometimes gets taken down
where at the very end of the show Rosie pops the cork and Barbara and then her husband James Brolin her husband
were drinking the champagne that I had just sold them the day before how I love that my claim to fame that the barber
fans all knew hey Ann you sold her that see and I said that’s good better bring
a full circle the TV think it’s canceled out the TV show that James Brolin is on
always drinks out a tiki mugs see how we get full circle yeah I mean it just you
have all the angles I just absolutely love that so all right let’s get into eBay so you jump to the eBay pretty
early I think earlier than me I think you said you start selling in 98 July 1st July 6th a 98 and Wow yeah so today
so I was looking for barter stuff because somebody had to have a CD there wasn’t a lot on there but of course I
always found ways that I could buy more things well maybe I should try selling something so I just picked up something
it was the bee gees sheet music so look for three dollars somebody I had to take a photograph of it you know scan the
photo and this is post champagne so I had the scanner and then somebody sent me a check in the
mail my p.o box and then it took me a couple days to you know get it shipped so it was one of those kind of things
that I already could do because of the mail-order catalogue but it was very laborious and so each as I called hoops
that eBay changed and made easier and sometimes more difficult just became a
new way of doing business till it became really more professional for the people that are doing it selling on on a
regular basis so you know I was hooked and I’m all about the feedback I’m
heading towards 10,000 which doesn’t seem like a lot but wouldn’t know how many people have a lefty feedback and
though I’ve left every single person that’s ever done deal with me feedback I go gee I’m just waiting for this day to
happen and then I’ll be shooting stars so still working towards that so I gotta ask did you know Griff back then in
those days not from those days more of anytime any seller group any way that it
was possible I know that I was in a group maybe you were there too Debbie the first time they let a eBay group on
campus at eBay I was there and we got we walked in to where the Pez clickin was
and we were bowing somebody who doesn’t
have anything to the eBay and they go okay that’s really great through my dad
they took that out when they remodeled yeah and then I met at art bay-area sellers meetup group and then her and I
are on that eBay summit that we do once a quarter together so we get to share our stories with the new eBay hires
which we feel they’re a little green but the Simone are so smart oh yeah well they’re coming from the
grammar is everything yeah okay I am shocked that everyone knows her days well I guess you’d go back and look I don’t know my date on eBay because here
I’m told story a few times just was so weird about me I joined and I bought for the first two years then I joined pretty
much right away it was an auction where there’s definitely eBay by this point but I must have bought too much because I actually called in
and said can you just take my registration away like I unregistered from eBay we look at my day now it says
September 2000 but I was on way before that but for some reason I officially
got on off eBay I think you can do that anymore why would you do that though I don’t know I don’t remember I think I’m
funny and and I here’s what the problem was I got hooked back then you know when
you click on a link it changes colors so I would get home from work and back then there was you know not enough or not a
lot of stuff on eBay like it is today I would go back to the day before to the last link I clicked on and look at every
single thing that I listed every day Wow they’re just kind of infatuated with it and so I think I spent way too much time
doing that and like I gotta get off eBay now from a job I’m like oh I can sell on
eBay I started selling and then you know the rest was history alright so speaking of selling let’s see some of your scores because I noticed we
didn’t have any Barbra Streisand’s stuff in your scores like I said there’s a
glut of it so I didn’t I saw something berber this week oh I sold the Broadway album an actual record LP and they
haven’t paid me it so that was this week and it wasn’t for a lot but I have to get more stuff because I still have so
much more to list as we all do but you know okay more that up alright so tell
us about this glass vase that you listed directly on eBay UK that is a
consignment item I do a lot of consignment selling and again just putting my hand in another pot so that I
could see that I could get a variety of things that I never even and so this is
a not a McCoy but it was from a man who gave me a bunch of McCoy pottery and so
we were having trouble selling eggs he said this is a very very valuable bass but as we were going into a couple of
weeks a couple of maybe close to a month he started to get cold feet and thought that it wasn’t gonna sell so he says go
put it on Europe I said well pick a country cuz I’m just gonna do one and so
we so look for the equivalency at about $200 and originally he told me this thing’s probably worth about 2 grand so we went to bill him somebody
probably got a good deal but by then he was upset about it and I’m willing to sit on it and I’ll do good til cancelled
and make an offer if I need to but so we stole it for that and and he was happy with the price and so you know at least
we moved it and it arrived safely because you never know what these things
yeah double bond that’s pretty yeah let’s talk about this jewelry here there’s necklace veneerings so that can
again another consignment person and I don’t know a lot about jewelry but I’ll take their word for word you can look it
up let me see that’s what’s so great about Google and looking at it you know in the past selling items or Terapeak or
whatever and so it’s just one of those things the more variety I can get going
somebody’s gonna find that they like it and then it can sell so I’m always happy with practically every sale that I have
because it just means I get rid of it that’s right Lakers all those Raiders
well and this is another one so somebody found me through my Barbra Streisand connection and this originally was owned
by a movie producer who has passed away and his son lives in the Bay Area now so
he was a big Laker and Dodger fan in Los Angeles and a movie producer and had a connection to Barbra so as I’m talking
to the the daughter-in-law she said well we have a whole bunch of Lakers stuff I
said well give it give it to me because even in Northern California we still have Laker people everywhere and I did sell it probably back down to Southern
California as a lot of the Dodger and Laker stuff ends up down there and not with the Giants and the the Niners but
you know anything autographed anything sports memorabilia all that kind of stuff I just I just glom onto it it’s
sort of right up my alley shoes a staple
I mean they’re just they can’t break you know you already know they’re gonna weigh two pounds the box is easy the
shipping is really quick and so just getting a variety and now I’m getting a little pickier and wanting to get you
know it’s all about the condition sort of like with the CDs so Jason I don’t know whether you have one of those CD
refinish errs but I have that in my back – because I did a lot of selling of CDs
on Amazon in my time but it’s it’s all about conditions so shoes and CDs or two
things that I think you really can’t go wrong on if you’re gonna find still sealed and having the dust bags that’s
great – yeah so again I get a lot of so I am trying to make it really more difficult to hire me as a consignment
seller and so I’m saying you know clothing of shoes new new new new and people will give me you know variations
of that but if I can get the dust bags I can get some good designer names that kind of thing so it makes it worth my
time what do you charge we do consignment do 50 50 and so I do mostly
free shipping on most everything so I build into the price and I try to have my consignor pay for the shipping or
sometimes we split it depends on how much we sell things for but otherwise I’m sort of on the losing end and by the
time I cover the fees I’m still probably getting about 35% but stuff I didn’t have to go buy and if I can move it
quickly it’s all about the cash flow so I really do like consignment for the variety of things that I’ve sold I’ve
sold smoking pipes and hunting knives from one particular guy – I had just got
a whole lot of frogs I don’t know what kind of frogs but all kind of frogs I can’t wait till I have my assortment of
frogs going out things I would never really go purchase myself all of a sudden I get a lot of things that other
people are interested in then I get to learn about them I hope those aren’t stuffed frogs no they’re every kind of
frog but you know Mexico when they’re playing poker and drinking so as I’ve learned about it then I can go into a
thrift store garage sell aroused by and I found I can find things that’s even
out of the niche of memorabilia and tennis and Barbara and Disney that I’ll go crazy over because I’ve just learned
about a marking that I didn’t know and whether it’s jewelry or silver or
something you know like that you really learn a lot from your people that you sell on consignment with so I’ve really
taken that as a sort of a learning opportunity now are your consignment clients close or do you have some across
the country here most of them are close so finding by word-of-mouth I don’t do any advertising but I do have an older
gentleman in Massachusetts and he gives me the coolest stuff so he sends a box
and so we split the shipping because he’s paid this amount to send me old pamphlets and booklets and newspapers
and things that are like old books like Lincoln and Washington and just really
really cool things so one of the things that I sold for him today was an old Bible story about Moses from 1955 that
was a comic book and only way dollars but again I’ve had some of this stuff so long so I have to move it but I really
get some cool things because he has specialized things to Massachusetts and area there that I have more you know in
touch with Golden Gate Bridge in California so I get some really really cool things from him so I don’t suppose
he ever has any Tiki stuff or a wire a little bit of faces influence and in the
past and I don’t have a lot myself but I knew a guy that you know was part of
Trader Vic’s in San Francisco so I do have a little bit of history with that myself so I think just let me know
straight up and then on your to duds because no matter how long you been
doing this you still get duds absolutely so I had a see which one is that let’s
see oh boy the McCoys guy said okay I really want to get rid of all this stuff
so this particular little sheep guy you know let’s start all mall at $0.99 I
said you know I really but not not free shipping my mind says it’s not gonna be free shipping but I’ve made that mistake
so I said I really don’t like to do that make sense that says that day has gone on we’re not gonna do that and of course
it’s sold for 99 cents oh I made 50 cents he made 49 I pay the Fiat so I’m
definitely lost but I’m hoping to get a feedback I buy a lot of feedback that way oh yeah and then other you know you
get some notoriety I had sold a lot of OJ Simpson’s stuff at one point because
I have saved everything that I’ve ever had doing this is you know miles and miles and miles of all this kind of
stuff but I thought oh this football card will definitely go no that was a dud – so the OJ day is over yeah yeah
yeah yeah and you know is our first show we’ve ever ended on OJ and we weren’t
drinking OJ again what a quick hour tonight just so yeah and I’d like to
have you come back in the future because I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface chatting with you you guys have
energy I love to so that’s what I thank you all right so do us a favor give us a thumbs up down below for an and if
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talking max it’s got the Maxwells oh yes shoot it’s gonna be a great show
teaching you a new platform to sell on and they have been killing it off in Canada on this platform but it’s not
just Canada so tune in in two weeks for that all right Oh secret beachcombers I think we’re gonna have a bonus show for
you that night too so with that I will say aloha Thank You Ann and thank you Debbie and have yes see anyway