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Anne has been interviewed by some of the best eBay niche podcasts and YouTube video shows around. Scroll down and take a listen or watch!   So You Wanna Sell on eBay Anne Z was thrilled to be a guest on the podcast called “So You Wanna Sell on eBay” hosted by

Fun Items I’ve Sold

You’ve got to be kidding….. No really, I’ve sold so many unexpected items over the years, both on online and in person, it’s worth a post recounting some of them here. The large items were obviously too big to ship economically, so they were posted on Craig’s List or Nextdoor. So fun

Want to Learn How to Sell on eBay?

In person classes Anne Z is located in Mill Valley, California in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Anne’s eBay classes are held a few times a year in her actual eBay office, where you can see exactly how it’s done: Sourcing Researching Photographing Listing
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Do You Love Clothes? If you shop and buy online, and you love clothes, then you most likely have heard of Poshmark. If you haven’t, then I hope to introduce you to a fun and simple way to buy and sell fashion. I joined Poshmark late Summer 2019 and have found it
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Catalog of Items for Sale

Click Here===> My Store Catalog===< Click Here The above link is: Fully synced with my eBay inventory Shows ALL active listings in my eBay store In real-time Runs as a slideshow

A New Year and A New Decade

January 2020 is a fresh start for eBay Buyers and Sellers It’s a time to re-evaulate what we like to buy and what we like to sell. Do we want to change direction and possibly add Amazon or Etsy to the mix? Do we want to keep it local and use Nextdoor
Getting Rid of Stuff

What’s Valuable to You?

Treasures or Trash Heirlooms and family treasures of the past are often just tucked away in a jewelry box or a drawer. When was the last time you went though what you might have in your possession? Do you find them interesting enough to keep? Or is it time to let them

About Anne

Top Rated Seller Anne Zarraonandia is a top rated eBay power seller and has been selling on eBay since 1998. Known as AnneZ, her eBay store: A to Z Pirate Booty has a wide range of assorted items for sale. She is a trading assistant (sells on consignment for others) and eBay
Items for Sale

What’s for Sale on A to Z Pirate Booty?

Visit A to Z Pirate Booty eBay Store for all sorts of interesting items to buy: Baseball cards, tennis rackets, Halloween, magazines, books, dinnerware, holiday ornaments, toys, Star Wars, games, Scrabble pieces, jewelry, postcards, DVDs, CDs, clothing, artwork, Disney stuff, maps, home decor, vintage items, shoes, boots, containers, electronics, designer and vintage