It’s Spring Training and that means Baseball season is just around the corner. (I have many Baseball items in my eBay store!) The weather will be getting nicer and the days will be getting longer. I’m still adjusting to the time change this past weekend. What the heck? It was only one hour, but I’m still feeling the effects a few days later.

Online Tools

What is trending on eBay? Here is a link to explore what’s trending now on eBay!

This tool is very handy when you are searching for items to buy or sell on eBay. It will however mean there is more competition as a buyer: more people want the items, so prices go up with the demand. As a seller, there will be more eyes on your items too! Perhaps it could be sold as an auction item and the sales price could soar!

Keeping up with what is popular is a mindset for many sellers. What are the hot movies, songs, video games, books? Another way is to follow what’s trending in social media or the general news. Using Google Trends is another way to follow what’s new in the world.

Don’t Forget Google


Consumer Trends

Thinking in terms of staying current of what’s happening in the retail world can often lead to ideas of what to sell and or buy. What’s the next holiday coming up? Easter. Walk into any store and you will see decorations geared towards buyers for that season or the next one up. One does not have to re-invent the wheel for ideas. The retail world spends millions on trying to figure out what the consumer will buy.

Watch the Ads

Turn on the TV. Open the newspaper and find the ads as they drop to the floor. Lots of money is spent on selling the latest and greatest to the consumer. Notice what type of items are for sale and ON SALE! Electronics, fitness and sporting goods equipment, cookware, clothing, toys, etc. You will see the info right in front of your own eyes. It’s hot off the presses as they say! You may even find a few deals that appeal to you and your family!

Follow the Calendar

Since I began this post mentioning the upcoming Baseball season, it’s nearly impossible to avoid news about the Coronavirus and trickle down effects of this worldwide event. People are shopping and hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer. EBay is not allowing masks to be sold on eBay. Price gouging is a topic for online sellers on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Hopefully as we change seasons we will see less illness and more people back to normal routines: travel and vacations. We may be forced into spending more time at home. Will we see a rise in gardening supplies and other things needed for home projects and improvements. We will have to watch the news.

What Do You Need to Buy?

When you put on your buyer hat, what do you need to buy? New outdoor lights? New batteries for smoke alarms? Easter Candy? There may be lots of inventory if you plan your buying correctly. Another idea is to buy what just went out of season, like Valentine gifts on clearance in the beginning of March. Or Halloween costumes right after trick or treating is done.

What Do You Have to Sell?

When you put on your seller hat, what do you have that might be timely and of interest based on the season, the holiday, the news, the ads, etc. It can be fun to match things you have lying around the garage or house to selling based on what’s trending and popular.


  • Find out what’s trending online
  • Watch the news
  • Read the ads
  • Follow the seasons and calendar
  • You can find deals as a buyer
  • You can sell when things are HOT!


Post Script

(I’m going to be listing baseball cards from my stash of inventory for the next few weeks as Baseball season gets under way!)

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Let me know in the comments what you are planning on buyer or selling right now!