Treasures or Trash?

Heirlooms and family treasures of the past are often just tucked away in a jewelry box or a drawer. When was the last time you went though what you might have in your possession? Do you find them interesting enough to keep? Or is it time to let them go? What should I do with them?


eBay may be your answer!

This marketplace is still considered the best place to buy and sell collectibles! There are niche markets for everything! Broaches, antique hat pins, cuff links, watches, leather jackets, Nike shoes, wooden tennis rackets, old children’s books, Limoges dinnerware, and even an old box of photographs. The list is endless! Once you identify that you have a few things that you would like to get rid of, here are a few options.


Give it to a family member or friend who may enjoy it

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Finding the right home for your items may be as simple as matching someone with similar tastes and interests. I have given gardening books to friends who love to garden.


Donate to a local charity

The charity may be able to give you a tax receipt for your records. Thrift shops are filled with items that people have given away. It’s a good solution for extra clothing. I put a bag or box by my front door and fill it up weekly and donate when possible!


Have a garage sale

Start putting those items in a box and when you have enough stuff, it may be a perfect time for a sale. It does require good weather and buyers. There are plenty of folks who love going to sales every Saturday. Post your sale on Craig’s List and the buyers will find you. This is a perfect solution for larger, bulky items that are too difficult to ship. It’s also good if you have a lot of stuff! I have one or two sales a year. Not necessarily the best money makers, but it allows you to clean up and not let it back in your house! A great way to purge.


Sell online

eBay is the collectible marketplace KING. Not sure how to do it? Ask a young person, they may know how, or take a course and pick up some tips from a PRO. (Check out my online course: The ABC’s of Selling Online Using eBay). Take a look at what is on eBay: Almost anything you can think of! The items you want to sell may have unexpected value. If not, try putting a LOT together and a flat rate box from the Post Office to sell that way!


Too much to tackle on your own?

Then find a friend and join forces. That common energy may be just the ticket! Beside, it may be more fun to go through stuff, have a sale or get rid of stuff with someone else to push you along!


Still can’t decide to let go of your stuff?

Then try taking a photograph or pairing the important items down. Letting go is a personal thing and  sometimes you have to sit with the idea of it you should keep something before you can move it on. That’s okay. Tomorrow is another day. Take it one item at a time. One day at a time.


I’d love to hear about your treasures and what you plan to do with them!

Please comment below!